Tom Shewbridge

My name is Tom Shewbridge, Owner/Admin of A Medic's World, an energetic and outgoing individual who enjoys life to the fullest. I have enjoyed what I have done in my life including serving my country, being a Veteran, working in my community for 23 years as a Paramedic, and now being the Admin/Owner of A Medic's World. Growing up, I have always enjoyed gadgets/tech, computers, and music just to name a few. I used to take apart radios, and other electronics just to see how they worked, and that is why I guess I enjoy building my own computers as much as I do today! I enjoy collecting hand drawn art cards about the size of baseball cards, and I have a pretty impressive collection of themed USB Flash Drives as well. A Medic's World is a site that likes to bring reviews about vacuums, tech/gadgets, gaming systems, games, cameras, computers, music and movies, art, tablets, and iOS and Android games/apps to my followers and fans. I also enjoy reviewing and writing about EMS and Paramedic related items, health related products like knee, back or ankle braces, vitamins and supplements, and Men's Clothing and Foot apparel.

A Leaf on the Wind / Firefly 8-bit Style T-Shirt is a Must Own / Sells out at Midnight!

Firefly T-Shirt

I simply love the show firefly, still a shame it is gone, but it still has a huge geek following like me, who enjoys the chance of something that might come back from it, this T-shirt simply rocks though, I bought mine, did not want to miss owning it!

Enhance your Home’s Walls with Decals and Wall Lettering

Wall Decal

Spice the room with a beautiful wall sayings or quotes Vinyl wall decals are gaining quick popularity as best home décor in numerous places worldwide. Their versatility, simplicity and affordability are obvious reasons contributing features in their fame. Apart from all those aspects, there is a sort of sentimental wall quotes and sayings, the ingredient…